S2T2 Configurator

S2T2 Configurator integrates interactive visual configuration of feature models with an formal reasoning engine.

It is developed as a plugin for Eclipse

S2T2 Configurator with the "Car" example

Latest Version

The latest version can be installed from an Eclipse update site http://download.lero.ie/updates/spl/ using the Eclipse update mechanism.
The current version is 3.0.

Installation (Eclipse 3.7):

  1. Install Eclipse from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads
  2. In your Eclipse installation, go to Help -> Install New Software
  3. In the dialogue field "Work with:" enter the update site URL: http://download.lero.ie/updates/spl/
  4. Select S2T2 Configurator from the software found on the update site
  5. Important: Make sure that the checkbox "Contact all update sites during install to find required software" is selected
  6. Confirm all further steps to finish wizard and restart Eclipse

If installation was successful you should be able to open feature models in fmprimitives format with the S2T2 Configurator within Eclipse (copy/load a *.fmprimitives file into Eclipse and select Open with... -> S2T2 Configurator in its context menu).

An example feature model in fmprimitives format can be found here: car-example.fmprimitives

Previous Versions

Version 0.1.1

S2T2 Configurator 0.1.1 - Stand alone version using Java Swing. Please note that this version provides only some basic features.

This version can be downloaded and started without installation (Java required). It comes with an example feature model car-example.fmprimitives which is loaded by default.

  1. Unzip archive
  2. Either execute ie.lero.spl.vizconfig.jar directly (if supported by your system) or start from command line using
    java -jar ie.lero.spl.vizconfig.jar [ featuremodel-file ]